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Guangzhou Hengchao Automation Technology Co., LTD

Qualität Maschine zur Herstellung von Autofiltern, Hvac-Filter, der Maschine herstellt Hersteller aus China

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January 04, 2023
Our company is located in the southwest of Lianhua Mountain, the location of the largest Guanyin Lake in Asia. We have 20000 sqm of production plants and 2000 sqm of three-floor offices.
We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of industrial automation equipment, and non-standard industrial automation equipment.
With the central value of "Safety, Innovation, Reliability, and Stability", we have a professional R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service team to provide customers with high-performance, high-quality high-tech automation equipment, and services.
Quality Car Filter Making Machine from China.
Foshan Yuankangyi Trading Co., Ltd. quality manufacturer from China.
We can supply:
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HVAC Filter Making Machine : http://www.1filter-makingmachine.com/supplier-hvac_filter_making_machine-4059317.html
Filter Cartridge Making Machine : http://www.1filter-makingmachine.com/supplier-filter_cartridge_making_machine-4078571.html
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